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PHAG packs- Flat Rate Decorating Packages
Just as our retail offering aims to make unique, artistic home furnishings available
to "the masses," it is a goal of PHAG interiors to make professional decorating and
design services affordable.  Our solution:  PHAG packs- pre-packaged, flat-rate
services to meet a range of decorating needs!

Make it Fit- A spacial planning package to help clients make the most of their
space.  Our team will assist you with furniture scale and placement for your home
or office.
The Colorwheel- A color consultation package to help clients select the best
palette for a home or work environment.  Our team will assist with whatever color
choices are needed in a single room, or throughout your home or business.
Live in Love- A decorating package designed to make the process of merging two
homes into one much more manageable.  After all, it's much easier to have a
professional tell your significant other that his favorite reclining chair, "has to go!"
Cover Up- A textile decorating package designed to help clients make the most of
what they have.  Our team will consult on re-upholstery or re-finishing of existing
furnishings, accent pillows and fabrics, and new window treatments as a way of
making your "same old space" feel new again!
Flat-rate pricing is available for all of our PHAG packs.  Just
Contact us and a PHAG team member will be in touch to discuss
your specific needs.